Milestone Academy Guwahati




Admission process

  1. As the objective of the Academy is Quality Education, merit is the only criterion for admission as well as with admission test.
  2. Application forms can be obtained from the office or apply below at click for admission.
  3. A student of transfer may be admitted subject to the availability of seats and fulfillment of certain conditions.
  4. When admitted to any part of the session the student must pay the fees for the whole session.


  1. The language spoken on the Academy premises should be English.
  2. It is compulsory for a student to wear the uniform prescribed by the Academy.
  3. Any misconduct on the part of the student will be dealt with strictly and may even draw expulsion from the Academy.
  4. Any damage done to the Academy property will be treated as a punishable offense.
  5. During class hours students are strictly forbidden to leave the campus.
  6. Absence in the college has to be accompanied by an application endorsed by the guardian. Absence for more than three days will require approval from the Academy head.
  7. The academy head reserves the jurisdiction to deal with any matter and take necessary action.


Special Integrated Classes for NEET & JEE.

Please fill in your details below and our admission counselor will contact you.